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First Post – Kaiyodo Revoltech Series Limited Edition

Posted by bbrick on May 22, 2007

Hi all…thanks for all the patience and i am so happy to write my first post here.

The topic that i wanna blog tonight is about the Kaiyodo excellent all action line..the Revoltech series. I do not own any of the below which is a shame but i am currently eyeing some of it actually. I do own Revoltech Saber, but she is going to kill me because she is not in the list below. Hehe.

I won’t cover the normal series here but instead will cover the so call Limited Edition stuff. For normal series, please refers to the ever reliable wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revoltech

Lets not waste any time, here is the list as per below. Feel free to give me any comments if i miss out any figures because i still think i do not have the complete list.

1. Series 004 – Eva-01 Test-Type Yamashita Ikuto Original Color version – (Evangelion Store Limited Edition)

Different color scheme from the normal version with purple transparent color.



2. Series 004 – Eva-01 Test-Type Glow in the Dark version – (San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive)

Special glow in the dark effect.



3. Series 015 – SOLTIC H8-RF Korchima Special version – (Friend Shop Limited Edition)

Special blue color version instead of green.



4. Series 019 – Ultra Magnus – (Friend Shop Limited Edition)

Ultra Magnus version.


5. Series 026FS – Evangelion Mass Production Type (Movie Version) with Weapon – (Friend Shop Limited Edition)

This version come with extra weapon accessories.





6. Series 029 – TORO Black version – (Friend Shop Limited Edition)

Black version.




13 Responses to “First Post – Kaiyodo Revoltech Series Limited Edition”

  1. I’m liking the Yamashita Ikuto special edition version! I’ll keep my mince eyes peeled for its release. I’m just hoping they’re going to make some parts matte finish like they did with the EVA F-type.


  2. […] I’d like to focus back on the chap named bbrick who started a blog about Revoltech action figures. I’m not that much in the loop with regards […]

  3. bbrick said

    It is already been released…But quite expensive..only can be found in Japan though.

  4. Nice. I own 3 of Revoltech Eva Unit 01 (Regular, Semi trans and Glow in the dark). They are really awesome.

  5. ninio gusano said

    There is a EVA-00 Clear figure, There is a photo: http://www.hlj.com/product/WPPFG100

  6. bbrick said

    Shiawasekun -> Nice. wish i have the semi transparent version..really kakkoii…

    Ninio Gusano -> Thanks for the info. I think i also miss out the HJ three clear color version too. Will update it soon 🙂

  7. phamolous said

    I just ordered an Eva Revoltech figure. Its posability is just awesome. Can’t wait to do the photoshoot^^

    Keep up the work with your blog =)

  8. Xangelico said

    does anyone konw where i can get the limited edition of EVA 00 clear one?
    i want it so badly… but cannot find it anywhere…
    please help me…

  9. Dragon said

    i dont know the website but google in the image category and type Revlotech. tha’s all to type and there should be a link with a THREE pack clear EVA-00 unit itmes. its colors come in red blue and purple i thikb im not sure.

  10. Ace said

    Hi There,

    anyone knows where I can get one of the Series 004 – Eva-01 Test-Type Yamashita Ikuto Original Color version – (Evangelion Store Limited Edition), any links?or website? Pls advice.


  11. incognito said

    Ace Says:
    December 17, 2007 at 4:49 am

    Hi There,

    anyone knows where I can get one of the Series 004 – Eva-01 Test-Type Yamashita Ikuto Original Color version – (Evangelion Store Limited Edition), any links?or website? Pls advice.


  12. Pirsey said

    I follow your blog for quite a long time and must tell that your articles are always valuable to readers.

  13. Intitasip said

    Waow loved reading this post. I submitted your rss to my blogreader!!

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